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Troop 622 meets every Thursday night at 7:00pm.

Asbury South United Methodist Church
4760 Winchester Pike
Columbus, OH 43232

Scoutmaster Bill Slade

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Scouting Coordinator
Jim Henschen International Order of Foresters

Bill Slade (E) O/A - Brotherhood
Wood Badge C-05-02
Friends of Scouting Awards (2)

Assistant Scoutmasters
Kevin Bowman
Basic Leader Training
Steve McCollum (E)
Basic Leader Training
Todd Mullins
Basic Leader Training
David Kenney

Basic Leader Training

Mark Harper


Roger Kanke (E)

Basic Leader Training

Committee Chair
George Lybarger Basic Leader Training
The Committee
Crissy McCollum Treasurer
Stacie Mullins

Past Troop 622 Scoutmasters
1969Walter Hammler
1969Arthur Durkin
1971Clay Houchard
1973Malcom Howell
1975Jack Barley
1980Oscar Bickerdt Sr.
1983Phil Spohn
1984Roy Hiembrock Jr.
1985Marvin Darling
1986Robert Anderson
1989Jim Eriksen
1993Ed McClure Jr.

Past Troop 622 Committee Chairmen
1969Arthur Durkin
1969Clay Houchard
1971Melvin Milber
1973William Hoskins
1974Terry Sanbury
1975Jacugie Potter
1977Phil Spohn
1983Don Kanke
1985Phil Spohn
1988Richard Stevens
1989Don Kanke
1991Dave Staats
2012George Lybarger (Current)

Past Troop 622 Scouting Coordinators
1969Dan Arnold
1971Lyle Thornton
1972Arthur Beaird
1973John Walker
1976Jan Smathers
1978Carl LaFevre
1994Jim Henschen (Current)

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